Alcott is the Prince of Valencia. The Prince is the secondary protagonist in the movie.


Alcott and his companion Charles Renbock travel to the kingdom seeking adventure. They are robbed by the dwarves on their mechanical stilts and hung upside down by a tree branch. They are released by Snow and they continue on their separate ways. Later at the palace, the queen decides she wants to marry the handsome and rich prince of Valencia and throws a ball for him, while his companion Charles returns home with orders to fetch soldiers, clothes and money. The Prince stays, but leaves the queen at the ball,so that he can dance with snow who is wearing her white ballgown based on a swan. Later he is told that Snow is dead, but realizes that the queen lied when snow attacks him and the guards with the dwarves. After, he is taken in by the queen's lies she tricks him into drinkng a puppy-love potion and using his devotion to make him marry her. But Snow and the dwarves hijack the wedding and steal all the nobles' clothes and money as well as kidnapping the prince. they then try to break the spell, but to no avail, until Napolean realizes that Snow has to kiss him. They break the spell and he apologizes to the dwarves for calling them names when he found out they were dwarves not giants after they robbed him. Snow locks him and the dwarves in the house so they won't get hurt when the beast comes to kill her, but they get out and they help snow return the beast to hi orginal form, the King! Snow and Alcott are married and live happily ever after.