Margaret is a baker who was Snow White's friend since childhood.


Margrat is first seen celabrating Snow White's birthday with all the other baker's. She asks Snow what she wishes for her birthday and Snow responds saying that Margaret can't make a wish for her. Margaret then tells Snow White that the reason she continues to work for the Queen year after year is because she know's that one day Snow is going to take back her kingdom and she wants to be their when that happens Snow tells her that it is not her kingdom but Margaret remind's her that it is because her father ment for Snow to inharit his crown and that the evil queen has connvinced the entir kingdom that Snow is a pathatic shuning incapabal of leaving the castal and (the worst) she has Snow thinking it too. Magaret then gives Snow White her fathers dagger wiche she had clend up and polished, Snow responds by asking waht would she use it for. Margatet then sends Snow White to the town to see for herself what gows on in her kingdom and that the people don't sing and dance anymore and they need to see who Snow realy is and that she needs to belive.

Snow White then comes back crying, Margaret then asks if she saw the town and Snow says she did and that the queen has destroyed everything her father belived in and is taxing them more as they speak even though they have nothing (wiche she and the other bakers alredy know). Margrat then informs Snow that the queen taxes them to pay for her lavished partys and that she was throwing another one tonight for Prince Alcott and it is said that he has an army and Snow then says that if he truly has an army then maby he could help them take back the kingdom. Margrat then anounces that Snow White has had quite a day and that she was going to have an even bigger night because she was going to crash the ball

Brighton then tells the bakers that Snow White (in order to keep the queen beliving that she was dead even thoue he decieded to spar her) was dead and they all are davistated and hurt, with Margrat takeing it the hardest.

Margaret is then seen helping the queen into her wedding drass and after the queen says that her wedding day was her spacial day Margaret reminds her that she had been married 5 times alredy. After Briton turns back into human he sinches up the drass for the queen.

Grateful to Alcott for his assistance, the king agrees to let him marry Snow White. During the wedding Brighton tells Margrat that he allways crys at weddings and she tells him that she dous to, he then asks her if she is singal.