Charles Renbock Prince Alcott's faithful valet, confidant and travling companion.


Charls Rednbock is 1st seen travling with Prince Andrew Alcott (Armie Hammer) in the forest and hear sound Rednbock thinks they should ride on Alcott stops them to invastigate what is in the woods macking th sounds. Then they are ambushed by the dwarves who are on their stilts (wiche macks the Prince and his traviling compainon think that they are gients). Charls trys to run away but Butcher and Wolf chase after him and evantuly capturs him. After being betion Alcott kicks Grimm out from undernith fim and Grimm falls off his stilts after seeing this Alcott and Rednbock figuar out they are not gients and mock them after they start tacking their stuff Alcott tells them to get their hands of it imeditly but Renbock tells Alcott to give them what they want. Alcott says nonsanse and calls the dwarves childern wiche macks them made and thy tie him and Rednbock up and leave them dangaling.

Rednbock and Prince Alcott are later rescued by Snow White and for Alcott and Snow its love at first sight but as they start going their seprate ways and after a brife conversation Renbock says he dous not think she is intrasted.

Afterwords Alcott and Charles Renbock arrive at the Queen's palace and Renbock introduces Prince Alcott of Valancea and after a searys of "what"s the Queen sends Britgion to get the Prince (and Renbock) a covering.

Later on the Prince sends Renbock back to their kingdom and tells him to bring soldurs, gold and clothes and Charles says "Only if You say Please"(Wiche Snow said the Prince had to say in order for her to relase them) and smiled. After the Prince says Please Renbock asks that Alcott comes back with him that instant because the Queen  "radiates Crazy". Alcott says that woman always get crazy when their is a prince around but Renbock says "No no, their is I'm in the same room as a Prince crazy and then their is just good old fashind, plane, triditional, phyco Crazy" and that he thinks she's the latter. Alcott wishes safe traviles to Renbock and prays he's waring his pants and Renbock responds that he will pray the same for him and bids him a do. Renbock then rides away from the palace back to the Kingdom from wince he and the King came at the same time Snow White runs back to tha palace calling Margrate after being in the town and seeing what the queen has done to the kingdom.

In a deletid scean it is reviled that Renbock has returnd to the place and attanded the wedding between Prince Alcott and Princess Snow White and (like everyone else) sings along as Snow sings "I Belive in Love".